Fun With Venn Diagrams: The Visually Venn-A-Gram

We wrote about how Venn diagrams aren’t just for fun, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fun. Venn diagrams are simple to understand, and they make great material for a few laughs. We decided to make a few at the Warmgun after-party on November 30th, so we threw a chart making contest with an iPad Mini for the winner! We took all the charts back to the office, and had a voting party.

We’re happy to announce that Arno Hesse (@ahesse) who works for Clearbon (@clearbon) won the competition with his Dave McClure chart, and will be receiving an iPad Mini in the mail shortly! We’re also pleased to give an honorable mention to Kate Bagoy (@kbagoy) who works for Wikisway (@Wikisway). Her Movember chart came in second place by a one vote margin.


The pen and paper contest was really just a warmup though. We’ve been working hard on a fun project; a Venn Diagram Generator. We’ve been extending the power of the Visually Create platform to include interactive creation tools. Nils Schlomann’s work on the Venn-A-Gram is a first step in that direction (stay tuned for more). We hope you have fun playing around with the generator, and to start with, we’ve included a few fun templates as the backgrounds–But we don’t think this is enough. We would really like some designs from you!

We’ll vote on the best designs, and pick a handful of winners to build into the generator. To submit your design, send a 1024×768 image to We’ll vote on the first round of submissions after January 7, 2013.

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