Visually and Kelly Services Now Providing Visual Resumes

Resumes haven’t changed much over the years. They typically provide a chronological list of job titles, company names, years worked, and skills acquired. If we just lost you, you’re not alone. Today’s workforce switches jobs and entire careers much more often than the previous generation. And many people now work alone, running small businesses from their local Starbucks. This dynamism is not reflected in the staid ages-old resume format, which really tells you very little about whether that person will be a good fit for your company. And most people now rely more on their online social media profiles than on mailing out physical resumes. If you received a physical resume, you’d probably think that person was some kind of neanderthal who doesn’t even know how to use a computer. Today Visually has partnered with Kelly Services, a leader in providing workforce solutions, to provide a visual tool that creates a resume infographic based entirely on a person’s LinkedIn profile. The resumes generated by this tool have been designed by professional graphic designers and data visualization experts, the same people that have been uploading thousands of infographics to the marketplace. Not only are these resumes beautiful, they can be generated on-the-fly as the data changes Visually Visual Resumes are the latest kind of infographics available in Create, our free tool that generates automated infographics from social media and other kinds of data. Visit Create to get started.

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