Burn Off That Thanksgiving Feast: 17 Infographics to Inspire You to Exercise

Americans have a huge holiday coming up. What started as a time of thanks and graciousness has grown into a time of eating massive quantities of food, and we all know, Americans know how to eat. Since the eating isn’t a problem, maybe we can help people work off all those calories with some visual information — and inspiration — on exercise. 1. Perhaps knowing that a standard Thanksgiving meal translates to a Marathon Stroll would inspire you to hit the gym or go for a run on Thanksgiving morning?

Marathon Meal

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  2. The average American is out of shape. The typical Thanksgiving meal certainly doesn’t help with that.

The average americans who stays in shape or not

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  3. One way to burn off those calories would be to Bike to Work after the holidays – and make it a year-round habit, weather permitting.

  4. Strength training is always another option.

  5. If that’s not your style, maybe a little post-Thanksgiving Yoga would help. You can Find Your Yoga with this helpful flowchart.

  6. If you want something faster, Zumba might help you find your groove.

Feel the Music!

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  7. And if you need low impact exercise, swimming is a great alternative.

  8. If exercise in public isn’t what you’re after, there are plenty of exercises you can do around your own home. The Lazy Person’s Guide to Burning Calories covers twelve of them.

Lazy Person

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  9. Hacking exercise into your daily routine may be the best way to stay healthy over time.

  10. And if you’re really committed, instead of planning your workout around your meals, how about Planning Your Meals Around Your Workout?

  11. Thanksgiving isn’t the only time to worry about fitness, though. Sometimes you need to Burn Off That Slice of Office Birthday Cake.

  12. If you think that playing Exercise Games is going to help, think again.


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  13. Despite the average American being out of shape, there are enough Americans who exercise to determine their Favorite Exercises.

What are America

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  14. American Presidents are no strangers to fitness, either.

Who Was the Fittest President?

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  15. There’s no need to be super serious during your exercise. Have fun with it, Work Your Abs Like an Animal.

Work Your Abs Like An Animal

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  16. If you do take it more seriously, this 5 Step Guide to a Training Routine might help you nail down the perfect schedule.

5 Step Guide to Training Routine

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  17. Whatever you do for exercise, remember the reason to do it is to have a healthy long life, so that you have even more to be thankful for!

How to Achieve Longevity

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  Drew Skau, who is always thankful for delicious food to fuel his bike, is a Visualization Architect at Visual.ly and a PhD Computer Science Visualization student at UNCC with an undergraduate degree in Architecture. You can follow him on twitter @SeeingStructure

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