VisWeek 2012 Art Show

VisWeek is a computer science conference. It’s filled to the brim with computer scientists talking about their newest algorithms to do principal component analysis for dimension reduction, their newest fuzzy clustering techniques, or their signature generation for the interactive analysis of high dimensional data. Much of this work contains intense math, complex data structures, and finely tuned software architectures. Occasionally, though, these computer scientists leave their analytical bubbles to do something creative for the sake of doing something creative. The VisWeek 2012 art show puts some of this work on display. Here’s some of it. The work Brittany Nelson has at VisWeek is inspired by digital gradient generation tools, however she has created the same gradients using physical processes in the dark room. [nggallery id=13] Francesca Samsel does work based on scientific modeling and research. She displays beautiful images from science on tiled displays, as artwork rather than in an analytical capacity. George Legrady has done work for the Seattle Public Library, visualizing data that comes from the library itself. There are several displays that show his visualizations in the library. The installation at the conference showcases some of these visualizations. [nggallery id=14] Kyungho Lee’s work deals with the compression and data loss caused by our digital world. His installation uses pre-recorded and live video from a Microsoft Kinect with red-blue anaglyph 3D. The glitches interrupt the video and make the viewer aware of the compression and data loss that is constantly happening. [nggallery id=15] Chin-en Keith Soo’s installation is the most interactive. It visualizes a short audio clip, that you record, as a cloud, placing it in a colorful sky along with other people’s clouds. A microphone and speaker stand with a green button provides the input. [nggallery id=16] Even the most technical people need creative outlets sometimes, and the show provides a venue for both sharing the work, and exposing others to the concepts involved.   Drew Skau, Visualization Architect at, is at VisWeek 2012 all week. Check back here for more of his reports, follow him on Twitter @SeeingStructure.

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