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The blog was recently nominated for an OMMA Award and we are very excited and proud to have made it as a finalist in the Website excellence/ Blog category. If you like the blog and would like to support us, please vote here. Thank you! More importantly, however, we’d like to take this opportunity to ask you, the readers, what you think of the blog. We’ve been working hard to help the community of designers, developers, journalists, and data researchers within the data visualizations and infographics fields, and we’d like to know how we’re doing. We’d love to get your thoughts on the type of content you like (or dislike!) most and what we could do to improve the blog. Would you like to see more educational and best-practices blog posts? How about featuring specific works — and the process behind them? Do you like our chalk charts? Write to us at and tell us what you think. And if you’re a data visualization professional and would like to be featured on our blog, whether with a blog post about a specific project of yours or around a more general topic, be sure to let us know!

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