From Celebrating Labor Day to Finding a Job, in 12 Infographics

Let’s be honest: most of us in the United States love Labor Day because we get a day off work. (Ah, the irony.) But we should also remember why we get the day off. Labor Day, observed on the first Monday of September, is meant to celebrate the contributions of the workforce to society, and to the economy. 1. Labor day was made a national holiday in 1894, but being a worker in the US has meant very different things at different time periods. Evolution of the Job by Sideskills shows a little bit about what it was like then and now.

Evolution of the Job

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2. Labor day is a day of appreciation: something we often forget to show towards those working the jobs mentioned in Thank-Less Jobs.


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3. If you want a little more quirky job, Unusual Jobs and their Paydays might have a job for you.

4. If pay is what you care about in your job, Getting the most from the Job Market might have some good tips for a direction to go toward.

5. Those things might factor into Choosing the Right Major, but there are obviously other factors as well.

6. There are lots of things that factor into choosing a career, and knowing where your priorities are is key.

7. If you’re looking for a growing job market to increase your chances of getting hired, Top 12 Fastest Growing Occupations has some good jobs.

Job growth

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8. And looking in the right location is obviously important. U.S. Employment Growth by State makes it easy to find the right states.

9. Unfortunately in America, women still make less than men. Check out some of the reasons why in this graphic by PayScale.

Do Men Really Earn More Than Women?

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10. Pay inequality for any reason is a major topic in this election year. The Income Gap, Unemployment and Tax Rates by Kate Maskar looks at the connection between pay inequality and unemployment.

11. And for the Long-Term Unemployed, inequality is getting really difficult.

12. Finally, if you’re interviewing for a job soon, check out What you Wish You’d Known Before Your Job Interview published by Classes and Careers.

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