The Olympics

With the beginning of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, we’ve seen a huge influx of visualizations focused on the Olympic Games. Along with a blog post featuring some Olympic Infographics, we’ve decided to create a category especially for Olympics visualizations.

The Rising of Olympic Mountains

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With a truly international team here at, we all enjoy a little friendly competition between our home countries. We definitely contribute to the positive emotions in Emoto 2012, and we’d like to fill the category with more visualizations like it.

Emoto 2012

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We’re looking to fill the category with some really great visualizations, and we’d love your submissions. We’ll be watching the category for great submissions, some of which we will feature right here on the blog, with their own post about the creation process and with some thoughts from their designers.

Team USA Hometown Map

Browse more Olympics infographics.

At the end of the games, we’ll hold a judging session for all of the graphics in the Olympics category. We will pick three winners (gold, silver, bronze) for each of these categories:

  • Storytelling
  • Data wrangling
  • Aesthetics
  • Overall
  • Interactivity

We will feature the winners in a blog post, with some thoughts on why they were selected — what they did best, and what (if anything) could be improved. Let the Olympics Begin!

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