Learning From Real-Life Data Vis (and Visual.ly Visualized)

Data is everywhere, and you don’t even need a computer to visualize it. Sort a room full of people by height. Or, ask them to group themselves in different areas of the room depending on what smartphone OS they are running. Sort them by birthday. Group them by gender. Divide them into pet owners and non-owners. Group them by the number of bicycles they own. Have them move to either side of the room based on yes/no questions. Ask them to cluster based on which items on your meeting agenda they really want to talk about. (Let them know that leaving the room is a valid option too — vote with your feet.) This can be a great way to rouse a room-full of people and get them interacting and collaborating. We know from experience. It forced us to learn the delayed timing function on a Nikon DSLR. Oh, hold on. One of our designers was able to jump in at the last minute (via Photoshop).

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