How Much is Mark Zuckerberg Worth?

Facebook’s IPO has been making news waves today coast to coast. And if you’re like most people, chances are you’ve glanced at the company’s stock ticker at least once. (Those of us rather finance-obsessed folks, meanwhile, have been staring at the stock price wave up and down all morning.) From an opening $38 a share, FB was trading at a little over $40 as of 2:40 p.m. EDT, going up or down a penny or five every few seconds. Nothing major. Pretty major, however, if you consider the stock’s impact on the net worth of Facebook’s 28-year-old, hoodie-clad CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Yes, we all knew Zuckerberg would be a billionaire many times over the minute his company went public (he already was one, of course, with his company valued at anywhere from $80 billion to $100 billion on the secondary market; the IPO just validated his wealth to the public). So three months ago, when Facebook’s eagerly awaited IPO finally landed in the SEC’s online vault, we were sitting around the conference table, thinking: everyone knows that Zuckerberg is a rich man. He owns, reportedly, 28% of Facebook. (Give or take a couple percentage points, since he put up a small portion of his company stocks up in the IPO as well.) Just how many billions would that be when the company goes public — and how many millions richer or poorer would he get each minute as the stock’s price fluctuates? Sounded like a fun project, but more importantly, one that we could develop to showcase the capabilities of’s real-time data visualization tools. (Not to mention the the irony of showcasing Zuckerberg’s wealth, which he seems to completely disregard. Would he ever get rid of those hoodies? We hope not!) Fast forward to Facebook’s IPO on Friday, May 19:

(click on the image above to get to the interactive infographic on A few clarifications on how the widget works:

  • Our calculations are based on several assumptions, most important of all the one that Zuckerberg owns 28% of Facebook. We are aware that this is not 100% precise and, as a result, the “worth” number you get at the bottom of the infographic will not match Zuckerberg’s wealth to the penny. Give or take a dollar, five, several thousand, or million.
  • First, we show you the current (real-time) stock price of Facebook. It’s the same thing you can see when you plug in the company’s ticker (FB) on Yahoo or Google Finance.
  • You also see Facebook’s current market capitalization; again, available through any service that tracks the stock market.
  • Finally, based on the assumption (explained above) that Zuckerberg owns roughly 28% of Facebook, we give you an estimate, in real time, of his share of the company… which comprises the majority of his wealth. Sure, he owns properties (including a $7 million home in Palo Alto) and likely other assets. So grab that number at the bottom of our infographic, and add to it a few million dollars for good measure. They don’t make that much of a difference, though, when you’re worth several dozen billion.

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