A Visual Guide to iPad Prices

(click on the image to enlarge it; design by Paul Van Slembrouck.)   If you’ve been awaiting news of the new iPad, your cravings were likely satisfied today (whether that goes for your lust after an all-new tablet with tons of fabulous new features and upgrades, we can’t say). Diehard Apple fans who upgrade devices each year and those who’ve been wanting an iPad and waiting for the new one to come out will likely line up at the store first thing March 16 to get their new toys. But rational human beings wondering whether to upgrade from the iPad 2 (or even the old iPad) are probably asking: “Wait a minute, which iPad should I get — and just what will I be paying for in terms of upgrades?” Apple has officially announced that it will keep selling the iPad 2, at $399 for the 16Gb wi-fi and $529 for the 16Gb 3G version. Until supplies last, you will also be able to buy the 32 Gb and 64 Gb versions (wi-fi or 3G), priced $100 lower than their new-iPad equivalents. After that, things get a bit messy. You could pay an extra $100 to get the new iPad 16Gb wi-fi ($499), or shell out yet another $30, to get an iPad 2 with 3G? Go all out with $829 for a 64 Gb iPad 4G, or save yourself $100 and go for the 32 Gb model, or save $130 to get a wi-fi model without sacrificing capacity? See? Complicated. We hope that our visual price guide will help make your decision easier!

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