Liveblogging Super Tuesday

As Americans across several states filed into voting booths to choose the next Republican presidential nominee, journalists were busy liveblogging every bit of analysis and speculation. Here are some of the highlights:

The New York Daily News used Scribble’s LiveArticle feature to capture the latest results at the top of the blog. Editors made sure to include lots of context, with links to analysis and explanations of what readers should expect from the evening. They also provided a variety in posts: there were longer, narrative-driven stories plunked right into the field, mixed in with polls, high-res photos and specifically chosen tweets (and some very astute observations).

This was CNN‘s first ScribbleLive event. There were polls, tweets, updates from a slew of CNN reporters and an ongoing Q&A with political director Mark Preston, who answered reader questions in real time. I particularly enjoyed watching their team discover our webcam feature and really run with it.

Hearst ran several regional liveblogs. WCVB and covered Massachusetts, KOCO covered Oklahoma, and WLWT covered Ohio. Each blog provided hyperlocal and relevant information to specific audiences.

Over at Indecision Forever, Comedy Central’s dedicated election 2012 site, the folks running the liveblog provided some much-needed comic relief as the results poured in.

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