Two ways to liveblog the Mobile World Congress

Liveblogs are an efficient way to serve readers that salivate over every spec of a new piece of technology. So when software giant Microsoft released the newest version of its operating system during the Mobile World Congress, technology sites like The Verge and CNET launched liveblogs to capture every juicy stat.

The Verge took advantage of the wide columns on its white label to produce a beautiful stream of high-res photos of the The Mobile World Congress, an event that showcases the latest and greatest in mobile technology. Verge photographers captured a lot of the presentations slide by slide, allowing the reporters to focus on adding quotes to the stream instead of simply reproducing what was on the slides.

CNET took a different approach. It embedded their liveblog into a full-length story on their site, giving readers the background hype about the product, a live play-by-play and end-of-day wrapup all in one place.

Of course, this is all practice for the event everyone is waiting for: Apple’s iPad 3 announcement on March 7. It’s going to be liveblogged. It’s going to be madness.

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