How to collaborate on live coverage

U.S. media conglomerate Lee Enterprises regularly engages with its employees with live chats, where they discuss new tools and best practices. Last week’s chat was about ScribbleLive — Lee is a client of ours — and they used our platform to host the conversation.

“Gauging success [of liveblogs] can be difficult when you get started,” wrote Sioux City Journal’s Thomas Ritchie. “Remember that a small engaged audience can be better than a larger passive one, so smaller numbers aren’t always bad.”

Robert Blaszkiewicz, from Lee newspaper website, noted that its site “used ScribbleLive as a live news feed during the recent election night and found it to be very effective in communicating the latest results and engaging with our readers in real time. During the course of the four hours we were online with the chat, we had as many as 600 readers tuning in at once.”

Blaszkiewicz also used the liveblog to automatically pull in the Twitter hashtag #nwielect. “It was a great way for our reporters using Twitter to easily post to the chat and for other Twitter users to participate as well.”

Stephanie DePasquale, social media editor at the Quad-City Times, wrote “We’ve been using ScribbleLive to cover college and high school sports, court hearings and we’ll use it for a shopping live blog on Black Friday.”

“I personally like the Q&A feature,” she wrote. “It’s particularly helpful for trial coverage when emotions can get pretty heated. The feature makes it easy to separate useful comments and questions from inappropriate ones so that we can approve them when there is a break in the trial.”

Ritchie also provided some examples of the company’s innovative live coverage. In an evening packed with two football games, two Lee newspapers co-operated on their live coverage. The Missoulian and the Billings Gazette shared duties: each moderated only one game, but published both liveblogs on their site. Lee also uses LiveSyndication to lower the cost of newsgathering: numerous papers can publish content from the same liveblog, and each is able to add local reader comments and reporting to make it relevant to their specific audience.

Update: Comment from Lee’s Chris Keller, who wrote “Aside from the examples of live reporting that demonstrate Lee journalists using the platform, I think it’s important to note that we used ScribbleLive to give the actual presentation. In doing so, we were able to keep our audience engaged in much the same way we would engage our users during a live news event.

“It also gave our audience an opportunity to see just how easy it is to submit content as a user, and how easy it is to moderate as an admin. You can’t get that experience via Power Point.”

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