Why you should report news with ScribbleLive instead of Twitter

CapitolFax.com, an Illionis politics blog run by Rich Miller, recently started publishing ScribbleLive blogs as a regular part of its news coverage.

Miller, reacting to an AdWeek piece about the journalistic value of Twitter, explains why he’s using Scribble instead. “[Scribble’s] program is so awesome that Tweets usually appear on ScribbleLive before they appear on Twitter itself. Twitter went down in my part of the world yesterday for about a half an hour, but ScribbleLive was still up and running and kicking out the Tweets.

“Also, website owners like myself can’t monetize Twitter. To me, anyway, there’s no sense in allowing some faceless corporation to make money off of me if I don’t get a piece of the action as well. The idea is to use Twitter to bring people here, not the other way around. ScribbleLive allows me to do that by aggregating Tweets from numerous sources on my own site, along with news story excerpts, photos, video, audio and my own commentary/reporting. It’s almost a perfect platform for me, and it’s incredibly easy to update posts when I’m not in the office.”

“The new system appears to be working,” Miller writes of his foray into liveblogs. “The live session posts are getting more popular with every passing session day. People are watching the House debate while sitting in the gallery, for instance, and following Senate action via ScribbleLive right here. We not only had tons of views for the Blagojevich sentencing hearing, the automatic updating benefits of ScribbleLive took a huge load off our servers. On a day when we might have been in danger of crashing from too much traffic, we had no problems at all. It’s just a very cool thing.”

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