Liveblogging Black Friday

Every year, the holiday shopping season kicks off with a day of discounts, erupting the citizenry into a frenzied, plastic-yielding mob. Originally dubbed Black Friday because of the disruptive nature of shopping-related traffic jams, the name has been re-branded in recent years as an homage to the profits retailers yank in.

In a related tradition, every Black Friday the news media unleashes an army of reporters on malls across the U.S. and Canada. And many of them turned to liveblogs as a quick-and-easy method of navigating the madness and curating discounts and fire sales so readers can make the most of the day (which has now turned into an entire weekend, extending into today, the so-called Cyber Monday.)

A small sampling: On the left, KMBC uses Scribble’s LiveArticle feature to highlight the best deals, while The Globe and Mail (below left) sent reporters to check out lineups and inventory and Reuters sought the best deals from across the country.

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