How three ScribbleLive clients shared their 9/11 coverage

NY Daily News 9/11 liveblogMSN Uk 9/11 live blogHow do you cover an event from across the ocean? Three ScribbleLive clients took a collaborative approach to their 9/11 anniversary coverage in order to share resources and reach a larger audience.

To do this, they used a ScribbleLive tool called LiveSyndication. It works much like a traditional newswire-newspaper relationship, except in real time: a media outlet can syndicate a liveblog to another outlet, allowing the second outlet to receive posts from the first, while adding its own updates. It’s a cost-effective way to extend the reach of your content, or beef up your own coverage.

In ScribbleLive’s first three-way syndication agreement, The New York Daily News syndicated its live coverage to a liveblog run by the UK’s Press Association, which in turn syndicated its coverage to MSN UK.

Confusing? Here’s a breakdown of how it worked. The New York Daily News (NYDN) liveblog provided powerful photos, news stories, quotes from speeches and comments from readers, with a tight focus on events in New York City. The paper used another new ScribbleLive feature, LiveArticle, to publish an overarching story that brought readers up to speed on the event without having to dig through pages of updates.

The Press Association, which serves a broader audience, published NYDN’s updates while adding coverage of events unfolding in London, including protests at the U.S. embassy.

With a newsroom across the ocean from the memorial events, MSN UK choose to publish the Press Association liveblog, so it received the NYDN posts and the PA posts while also curating comments and reactions from its own readers.

The result: three different blogs populated with information relevant to specific audiences. The costs of producing the news dropped dramatically, and each media outlet provided important, thorough coverage to their readers.

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