ScribbleLive and clients are finalists in Online News Association Awards

Live breaking news coverage by some of ScribbleLive’s clients will hit the spotlight this fall at the 2011 Online News Association Awards. Al Jazeera English, Global TV News, NPR, WESH and The Vancouver Sun are all finalists for their live ScribbleLive coverage.

ScribbleLive itself is a finalist for Technical Innovation in the Service of Digital Journalism, along with Flipboard, Power to the People: Voter Education for All  and ScraperWiki.

Two of the four “Breaking News, Small Site” finalists used ScribbleLive for their coverage:

Slave Lake Wildfires in Northern Alberta – Global News
Stanley Cup Hockey Riots in Vancouver – The Vancouver Sun

Al Jazeera’s innovative ScribbleLive coverage of the Egyptian Uprisings is a finalist for Breaking news, Large Site.

Coverage of the Uprisings in Egypt – Al Jazeera

WESH’s extensive ScribbleLive coverage of a high-profile murder trial is a finalist for “Online Topical Reporting/Blogging, Medium Site.”

Casey Anthony Extended Coverage – WESH

ScribbleLive will be in Boston for the ONA conference on September 23rd – make sure you come say hi!

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