By popular demand, crossposts and embeds now change sort order

We’ve had a lot of interest at ScribbleLive in our new crossposting feature, and a lot of people are also using the more-traditional iframe-embed. It’s been great getting your feedback. One thing that has consistently been asked for is, “can the liveblogs appear newest-to-oldest while an event is live, then switch to oldest-to-newest afterwards?” Generally, everyone seems to agree that that would make it easier for their visitors. Well, who are we to disagree? 😀

As of today, the iframe-embed will be sorted newest->oldest during live events, until 30 minutes after your last post. Since some of these events are getting really long, I also introduced pagination in those embeds so they load faster for your users. Your avatars will now show-up too. There’s an example of what they look like below. If you have an embed already installed on your site, it’s been automatically switched over to the new version so you don’t have to do anything.

For crossposted liveblogs, once you connect a liveblog to your site, your entries will appear newest-to-oldest. When your event is over (or almost over) you’ll find a new button in the right bar on “Close blog entry.” Clicking that button will reorder your liveblog oldest-to-newest and remove all the ScribbleLive scripts from your page. Basically, clicking that button gets us completely out of your hair 😉

I hope you like the new feature! Happy liveblogging 😀

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