Permalinks, Profiles and more Power: ScribbleLive New Features

Tonight we did a rollout of a few new features on ScribbleLive. We’ve got some other big ones coming this week, but hopefully these tied you over until then 🙂

Event URLs should now look a little cleaner. We dumped the /Thread.aspx?Id=#### format and moved to sexier URLs like All the old URLs should redirect you automatically. If they don’t, please let me know in the comments.

When you login, you will now have a “Profile” link at the top-right corner. It will take you to a page where you can change your name, select your sort order, and give you an overview of all your latest posts. FYI, an API to retrieve all that information programmatically is coming out soon.

Behind the scenes, we’ve tried to fix a few bugs and make the site perform even faster. Please have a poke around — or just keep using it if you are already 😉 — and drop me a line in the comments with any bugs, suggestions, etc. Thanks!

Happy scribbling! 🙂


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