Embed ScribbleLive liveblogs on your own site

Since we launched last week, the number one most requested feature has been an embed: the ability to put your liveblog directly on your site. Who am I to argue? :)

Here’s the alpha of what the embed, powered by an iframe. Obviously we’ll be rolling out many more features to customize it to the style of your site, but what do you think? Will this work for you? Please drop me a line in the comments with your feedback.

Oh, and don’t think I’ve given up on a really cool WordPress integration feature. It just needs a little more testing before it’s released ;)

6 Responses to “Embed ScribbleLive liveblogs on your own site”

  1. Scot

    @jonathan: Following up on your respnse to my comment on TechCrunch. We’re looking for some way to encourage readers to ‘liveblog’ a ball game, for example, but not off the main thread of our site. Not sure how to do this in WP, but there may be a way with roles/capabilities to hack something together. I’m more interested, however, in getting your thoughts on how Scribblive could be integrated with WP/Prologue to enable this kind of thing while leaving the main thread open to more ‘twitter-style” updating and sharing of links, etc.

  2. Ashish

    Don’t know if this against your strategy, but it would be nice to have invite-only events, rather than having each event public…this in combination with the embed functionality could be quite powerful.

  3. pointing LIVE team

    Recently stumbled upon Scribblelive having watched John Biggs’ live report from Apple “Let’s Rock” Event on CrunchGear.
    We have a WordPress blog and would be interested to know when the integration feature with WordPress may be available.
    Awesome app :)

  4. Cam

    I really like the embed feature. It would be cool if people could comment within the embed without going to the scribblelive website.


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