Liveblog right from your email or Blackberry!

Everyone’s been writing us with lots of great suggestions for the next features of the Shift Edit liveblogging tool. We are burning through the ever growing list, but one thing that we definitely wanted to jump on was liveblogging from email.

I am not, and have never been addicted to a Blackberry :) But I know a lot of people that are, and for liveblogging when you’re running around, it’s probably the best tool out there. So we had to play with it ;)

When you are liveblogging an event, i.e. you’re sitting on an event page with permission to write, you’ll see a new box in the right column (see screenshot below). It has your event’s email address. You can just send text (in the subject or body of the message), or attach a JPEG image! Your emails will appear as entries in your liveblog within a minute or so.

Got some friends that you want to liveblog to your event? Send them that same email address and they can send stuff to it as well.

We *just* launched this feature, so please give it a whirl and let me know right here if it works, or especially, if it doesn’t ;) Have fun!

Liveblog from email

4 Responses to “Liveblog right from your email or Blackberry!”

  1. Chris

    Nice feature! I get the need to have unique IDs for email but 32 random characters seems a bit much (esp. if the email is coming from a cellphone/blackberry). How about a randomly-chosen dictionary word plus four random characters or some such thing? Mnemonics are good!

  2. Jonathan

    @Chris: I wanted to replicate how Flickr does it, but it’s a little tricky generating non-incremental, random word combinations ;) I don’t suppose you know of any good mnemonic libraries?


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