OpenIDs login now available on ShiftEdit

ShiftEdit has been getting some great press this weekend thanks to the writers at Ajaxian and Profy (thanks! :)). Profy’s review, in particular, brought up a lot of great points I’ll address in future blog posts (it’s 1am, I’m tired ;)) but one thing they both mentioned, was the lack of an OpenID login on ShiftEdit.

We initially decided to launch with just Facebook and MSN/Live/Hotmail logins because with 64 million and 380 million users respectively, we thought that should cover just about anyone wanting to try our service ;) But I think these writers both correctly identified the need to support the OpenID community. So I burned through a few cans of Gingerale, found a great OpenID library, yada yada yada, and ShiftEdit now supports OpenID login.

Long live the open Web! ;)

UPDATE: I had some reports that Yahoo OpenID wasn’t working with my first implementation. Looks like the library I had used didn’t support the last OpenID 2.0 protocol. So I switched over to using the ExtremeSwank library. It has a better name anyhow ;) Please try it out and let me know!


8 Responses to “OpenIDs login now available on ShiftEdit”

  1. andre

    Doesn’t seem to be working 100%. I just tried logging in with my Yahoo based OpenID and it did nothing… not sure why.

  2. Shel HOltz

    I was able to login using my OpenID this morning in my hotel room. Now that I’m at the conference, I can’t get connected. I am able to go to the site and log in just fine; evidently it’s just the connection between ShiftEdit and ClaimID that’s having a problem.

  3. Melissa

    Hi, I have been trying to use my livejournal account as the address to login, but I keep getting a “openid reject your request”, even though I have authorized from livejournal’s end. If you can provide any help it would be most appreciated.

  4. Steve

    Tried using a Yubikey delegated through my personal website, and I get into an endless loop of login.


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