Product updates: Ad integration and new content sources

Here at Scribble, we do not believe that more money == more problems. In fact, with our latest release, we set out to solve some of your problems by enabling you to monetize your content. As well, we’ve opened a whole new world when it comes to content sources. Let me tell you more about it. Major updates Ad integrationLive content created in ScribbleLive keeps audience members on the page f[…]

Quick Guides

Content Marketing Quick Guide Content Marketing Quick Guide features tips & strategies from content marketing experts including: Ann Handley, author and Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs Jason Baer, inspirational marketing speaker and best-selling author Jason Miller, Senior Manager of Content Marketing at LinkedIn 8 B2B Marketing Tactics for 2015 Find out 8 Ways B2B marketers use […]

Coming soon: A new look for ScribbleLive

On November 10th we’ll be making some changes to improve access to all of ScribbleLive’s powerful content engagement tools. This update is also important as it lays the groundwork for exciting new product enhancements. We know that change can sometimes be unwelcome, but rest assured all of the great, live-publishing functionality remains the same. Here’s a sneak peek at the coming change[…]

ScribbleLive Pro: New look, added functionality

You may have noticed: We’ve updated our look. While the appearance of ScribbleLive’s content engagement tools have changed from what you’re used to, Pro users, rest assured that all of the functionality remains, albeit under a shiny new facade. (And we’ve added in a few new features, to boot!) The big changes: Updated Dashboard We’ve improved the Dashboard to make it easier to[…]

On organizing, measuring and optimizing your content

Long have ScribbleLive clients had the capability to categorize their content—but how many of you are utilizing the full power of this feature? In any piece of content, you have the ability to set a category. When used correctly (i.e. don’t treat your categories as tags!), they can provide structure to your content that can prove valuable—these categories can be used to not only organiz[…]

How brands can benefit from audience participation, too

Last week we posted some findings from a research article that showed that media organizations who use ScribbleLive get more citizen engagement and longer page visits. We explained why it was important from a journalism point of view, but what about for your brand? Content marketing has become extremely important over the past couple of years, with 95% of CMOs saying that content marketing i[…]

ScribbleLive Spotlight: Festivals, Trials and Bicycles

Other than rhyming, bicycles, festivals and trials have one thing in common - amazing liveblogs! Today we have coverage of the British Summer Time music festival, the always-great Tour de France, and the trial of Clippers owner Donald Sterling. On the non-rhyming front, we also have great coverage of the UFC Dublin fight held on Saturday night, the Coral-Eclipse horse race in the UK and the tragic[…]

New research shows liveblogs increase user engagement

Liveblogs allow for a significant amount of citizen participation and engagement, according to Citizen Journalism in Real Time? Live Blogging and Crisis Events, a chapter in a new book by researchers at City University London. Using data from The Guardian, the BBC, ScribbleLive and past studies, Neil Thurman and James Rodgers found that “live blogs hosted on the ScribbleLive platform are incorpo[…]

ScribbleLive Spotlight: Rivers, Car Chases and the World Cup

This week we bring you a cornucopia of awesome ScribbleLive liveblogs—five out of eight which centre around the World Cup. It’s as if millions of people around the world have an interest in following the games. But the World Cup isn't the focus of all our great examples this week. We also have an awesome adventure down a American river, Quebec election coverage and the 20-year anniversary of […]

Where to follow 2014 FIFA World Cup live

It’s World Cup time! Many of us here at the ScribbleLive have FIFA-fever, and cannot wait to catch the matches of our favourite teams and enjoy some friendly banter. Who will win the iconic trophy? Host country Brazil? Will defending World Cup champion Spain again get the title? How will Germany, a past World Cup powerhouse, do this year? The games kicked off on June 12 and you can follow the[…]