Congratulations to The Boston Globe on their Pulitzer Prize win

It is hard to believe that a year has passed since the tragic events at the 2013 Boston Marathon. I remember the shock and disbelief of seeing those first tweets and photos surfacing about an incident near the finish line of the race. The explosions turned what was supposed to be a joyous day of athletic achievements into one filled with terror and uncertainty. News organizations had to switch[…]

3 ways to use our new scheduling feature

Real-time content is our bread and butter. We continue to see increased engagement with this "live" format of content publishing—this January we hit a record 3 billion engagement minutes. There are times, though, when real time is difficult. What if you need to put your content through compliance before publication? What if you’re too busy during your Q&A to push all that great content you[…]

Introducing scheduled posts and PDF upload support

We've just rolled out two features that we're really excited to share with you: Scheduled Posts and PDF upload support. Scheduled Posts With our new functionality that allows you to schedule posts, you can plan and create content in advance and choose to publish it whenever you like. Take a more in-depth look at scheduled posts and how you can use them in this blog post. PDF Uploads We now […]

Paid internship opportunity at ScribbleLive

Journalism and content marketing are anything but an easy market to break into. It’s competitive, challenging and seemingly-exclusive. So how do you get ahead? You show editors and producers that you have what they need: the latest technological and storytelling skills. We’re looking for a sharp, eager and narrative-minded intern to learn and teach others how to tell unique stories in re[…]

New study explores the importance of expert content in consumer decisions

Content has been thrust into the global spotlight lately, appearing in all corners of the business world on a regular basis. But what kind of content performs best with regards to consumers' buying decisions? A new study commissioned by inPowered and conducted by Nielsen MediaLabs set out to shed light on the content types consumers prefer. They compared the impact of user content (user reviews[…]

Tech Alert: Datawrapper

Every day, journalists have to shoot and edit video and audio, take photos, write a story (or stories!) and do live TV hits (all while tweeting, of course!). With all of these demands, journalists in newsrooms around the world are always looking for new ways to tell compelling stories. One field where more people are turning their attention to is data journalism. This is likely because of the n[…]

Now Hiring: Payroll & Benefits Administrator

ScribbleLive is looking for a payroll and benefits administrator to join our fast-growing Toronto office. The position is 3 days a week and may lead to full-time employment as the company grows. You will be responsible for updating the Employee Management System and creating/maintaining reports for the Human Resources team as it relates to payroll and headcount. As a key member of the Human Resour[…]

A Look Back at Some Iconic Marketing Campaigns

As more brands move into the content space, Scribble has announced the launch of our Corporate Edition and its unparalleled analytics package. In light of the launch, we decided to look back at a variety of campaigns that brands of all sizes have used over the years. Some are long since gone, some are still thriving, but all had a positive impact on the brands that used them. […]

Introducing ScribbleLive Corporate Edition

For the past few months, the Scribble team has been working on something that we’re very excited about, and today we finally get to tell you all about it! With no further delay, allow us to introduce you to Scribble Technologies’ newest product: ScribbleLive Corporate Edition. ScribbleLive Corporate Edition is built on the foundational blocks of the content engagement platform we’re known f[…]