Data Science Jam

On Tuesday we hosted a Data Science Jam led by software developer and data scientist, Leon Lukashevsky. Every few weeks, The Data Science Set meets in Toronto, giving local data scientists the opportunity to work together on personal data projects and to share their ideas and skills. With no set schedule, the meet up allowed for participants to use the time and space to follow their imagination[…]

5 Can’t Miss Content Marketing Articles

In 2013, a typical social media user consumed 285 pieces of content or an astounding 54,000 words each day. In two years, the consumption of information has increased and your eyeballs are constantly skimming blog posts, trying to keep up. We’re here to make your life easier each week by summarizing 5 must-read content marketing articles. Enjoy! 1. The Rise of Content Performance: The Searc[…]

How to Use Instagram for Content Marketing

Image-centric app, Instagram, is proving that a picture is worth more-than a thousand words, a couple dozen actions, too. According to an analysis by Forrester, Instagram has given brands 120-times more engagement per-follower than Twitter and 58-times more than Facebook. What does this mean for content marketers? If you're not already on the bandwagon, you better jump on it, right away. […]

5 Can’t Miss Content Marketing Articles

According to Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, we create as much information in two days now as we did from the dawn of man through 2003 (TechCrunch). While the wealth of knowledge is literally at your fingertips, this can make pinpointing relevant and quality content an overwhelming task. Lucky for you, we’re here to make your life easier each week by hand-picking 5 must-read content marketing […]

Becoming a Thought Leader: 4 Tips for Marketing CMOs from Travis Wright

[caption id="attachment_19158" align="alignright" width="400"] Travis Wright courtesy of LinkedIn[/caption]Last month Sylvia Ng, VP of Growth and Analytics at ScribbleLive, sat down with Travis Wright at the 2015 Digital Media Summit in Toronto. Travis Wright is a “marketing provocateur and digital disrupter.” This “data and analytics geek” is not your traditional marketer and has opti[…]

Disrupting the Conversation: 5 Marketing Tips for CMOs from Jason Miller

[caption id="attachment_19144" align="alignright" width="300"] Jason Miller courtesy of LinkedIn[/caption]Last month Sylvia Ng, VP of Growth and Analytics at ScribbleLive, sat down with Jason Miller at the 2015 Digital Media Summit in Toronto. Jason Miller describes himself as a “tech blogger and social media strategist by day, and a rock ‘n’ roll photographer by night.” He is also the […]

Vince Mifsud Gives Advice to Start-Ups in Inc. Magazine

[caption id="attachment_19118" align="alignright" width="281"] ScribbleLive's CEO, Vince Mifsud, is featured in Inc. Magazine's new article.[/caption]ScribbleLive’s CEO, Vince Mifsud, has been labeled as one of three up-and-coming entrepreneurs in a recent article in Inc. Magazine. The article offers advice to new entrepreneurs and start-ups, from eight entrepreneurs who built start-up compan[…]

Content Marketing Institute Releases Trailer for New Documentary

[caption id="attachment_19093" align="alignright" width="250"] Content Marketing Institute founder, Joe Pulizzi.(source:[/caption]The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) released the official trailer to their new documentary on Tuesday, June 9. “The Story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing,” is CMI’s first film about content marketing and is set to premier at their annu[…]

The New Content Marketing Strategy: Utilize Snapchat, Meerkat, Twitter and Periscope

In an overflowing pool of content, finding the right method of distribution can be the difference between a content marketing campaign reaching millions or falling on deaf ears. The challenge that most marketers face is finding a medium that will effectively engage their audience on a larger scale, which can be difficult in an age where new social media platforms are constantly being born. […]

Positive PR: 4 Tips for Better Brand Communication from Microsoft’s Kristina Libby

[caption id="attachment_19051" align="alignright" width="452"] Kristina Libby, courtesy of @KristinaLibby[/caption]Last month Sylvia Ng, VP of Growth and Analytics at ScribbleLive, sat down with Microsoft’s Kristina Libby at the 2015 Digital Media Summit in Toronto. Kristina Libby is a self-described “serial entrepreneur, PR professional, and storyteller” with a diverse resume including non-[…]