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ProductFeature: Advanced Content Module

Work smarter and faster.

Introducing The Advanced Content Module (ACM), the next generation of LiveArticle, with brand-new features and functionality designed in partnership with the Associated Press. It was developed to solve basic workflow problems in the content gathering process, such as: how do you receive, sort, edit and publish large volumes of content in real-time? And most importantly, how do you make it easy for readers to digest an overwhelming flow of information?

The ACM allows you to handle these challenges with ease.

The ACM lets you create liveblog posts and articles that combine different types of content into a single post to provide a better perspective on the news without sacrificing speed.


How to create a Draft Post
Introducing the Advanced Content Module


  • Simplify workflow
  • Make all your post become a LiveArticle
  • Upload content ahead of your event
  • Receive content from multiple sources
  • Manage large volumes of content
  • Create posts in a variety of styles
  • Posts are auto-formatted
  • Each post is sharable with a perma-link
  • Easily create slideshows