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ProductFeature: Live Syndication

Content is Key

It’s impossible to be everywhere at once, so our syndication technology allows you to import and distribute content to and from partners or news agency to supplement coverage. It’s as simple as grabbing an event’s code and pasting it into yours: you can sit back and watch the updates appear in real time, as they’re posted.

The technology allows you to syndicate out your content, so you can take advantage of situations where your brand has the best of exclusive coverage to build partnerships and monetize your content.


How to syndicate your event
How to pull in posts from a syndicated event
How to stop syndicating posts from another event


  • Fill gaps in your coverage or gain access to exclusive event content
  • Ability to monetize your content through those partnerships
  • Lower the cost of producing content
  • Make your own updates to localize syndicated content and add your editorial voice
  • Form partnerships with other properties to better cover news and events