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ProductFeature: Social Media Integration

Let the public contribute.

We realize that you can’t be everywhere at once, and with the advent of Twitter and Facebook you can now leverage what other people are saying to add posts to your liveblog. Our social search features a rich search tool that lets you find exactly what you’re looking for, and bring it into your feed with a click.

Our platform detects Twitter image links to many hosting sites, such as Instagram, yFrog, Twitpic or Twitter’s default service, and imports them in with your post. The tweet is then treated like a caption, with a shareable permalink back to the image.

We also have the ability for reporters to post out to Twitter as well, so you can serve both platforms simultaneously. You can even embed the liveblog directly onto your Facebook page.


How to pull in tweets from a Twitter search
How to auto post tweets with specific words or hash tags.
How to filter tweets
How to send your ScribbleLive posts to Twitter as you post them


  • Capture what your audience is saying
  • Automatically import or manually select relevant updates
  • Auto-follow users and hashtags to streamline the import process
  • Powerful filters keep imported tweets relevant and cut down on moderation work
  • Tweet out to your Twitter audience
  • Embed your liveblog on your Facebook page