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ProductFeature: Enhanced SEO

Maximum exposure for your content and events

When news breaks, people immediately go to major search engines to find the best source of information. For many organizations, a high Google page rank can mean the difference between a record-breaking traffic day and one where your posts fly under the radar. ScribbleLive’s white label pages are coded with this in mind: constantly updated pages show up higher in search results.

White labels are designed with your brand in mind: they keep your URL and direct people searching for your real-time content back to your page, not ours.


SEO best practices
How does a White Label site compare to an embed


  • White label pages allow for easy indexing by search engines
  • White label pages are optimized for mobile: your readers get the content, no matter the device
  • Search engines prioritize constantly-updating sources
  • Our white label URLs feature your brand — not ours — keeping it clear as to who’s producing content
  • Each individual post on a white label is shareable