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Don't wait until the game’s over to tell fans what happened. Instead, deliver live updates about the scoring plays, highlights and player updates through live blogs.

Features for Sports  |  Case Study: The Score

Fans can also be engaged by offering their own opinions and commentary. With ScribbleLive, you can provide compelling multi-media by adding video, audio and photos. It’s the ultimate package for live sports coverage!

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  • New, engaging way to provide game coverage
  • Collaborative reporting
  • Compelling multi-media - video, photos, audio
  • Fan-base storytelling

Features for Sports

As the leader in real-time content creation and publishing, we let you harness the power of now.

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Using an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry app, SMS or voicemail, contributors can use a mobile device to quickly add new content to real-time news or event coverage.

Enhanced SEO

Using Scribble’s branded product, companies can enhance their organic SEO use authoritative and dynamic content that is fully indexible in real time by search engines. This makes it easier for search engines to discover your content.

Social media integration

Curate and feature content from Twitter and Facebook, and quickly import content from services such as YouTube and Instagram into your live blog.

Case Study

The Score, a Canadian media company committed to delivering interactive sports entertainment and ranked number one in mobile sports.

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We use ScribbleLive to enhance our coverage of live sports. It is one thing to provide data, numerical information, scores and stats but it really enhances the overall coverage by giving events the voice of a real human being, an expert sports fan and their opinions, and reactions of other fans who are following along.

Dale Fallon, VP, Digital Products at The Score Television Network

When you’re David battling Goliaths in a competitive marketplace, you’re always looking for an edge.
For The Score, its ability to innovate and embrace new technology has been a key part of how it has waged battle against larger sports television rivals. The Score, for example, has one of the most popular mobile applications in the world.

In many respects, it has not been surprising to see how The Score has used ScribbleLive to successfully inject real-time content into it sports coverage. Dale Fallon, VP, Digital Products with The Score Television Network, said The Score is using ScribbleLive to live-blog more than 125 games, double what it is was doing 18 months ago.

"We started out strictly blogging games - the live action on the field of play - but now we look at something like the NHL draft or NHL trade deadline, or seeding draws for a tournament. These are events that sports fans four years ago had to read about in the paper the next day or, to some extent, watch on sports cable TV. Now, we can provide a way for the sports fan to enjoy following along with breaking news."

Fallon said the metrics used to assess The Score’s success using ScribbleLive can be as straightforward as Website traffic, tweets or emails, but an important component has the ability to use ScribbleLive as a competitive weapon. "There are apps and other services that provide the same bread and butter data of scores and stats, but we feel our voice and live presence helps differentiate us in the marketplace," he said.

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