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When you're in the business of delivering real-time news and content, the only thing that matters is right now.

Features for News Coverage  |  Case Study: NY Daily News

Scribble gives news and media organizations a robust, flexible and feature-rich content platform so they can become the destination for real-time breaking news and event coverage.

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  • Quickly create and publish real-time content, including video, photos and audio
  • Drive distribution through internal and external content syndication
  • New revenue opportunities (sponsorships, contextual advertising)

Features for News Coverage

As the leader in real-time content creation and publishing, we let you harness the power of now.

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A user-friendly backend that lets you create, moderate, curate, publish and syndicate content into your live blog from multiple sources (text, video, audio, photos, SMS, voicemail), and multiple contributors.

Enhanced SEO

Using Scribble’s branded product, companies can enhance their organic SEO use authoritative and dynamic content that is fully index-able in real time by search engines. This makes it easier for search engines to discover your content.

Social media integration

Curate and feature content from Twitter and Facebook, and quickly import content from services such as YouTube and Instagram into your live blog.

Case Study

The New York Daily News is the largest and most widely-read newspaper in the New York City metropolitan area and second largest local media website in New York.

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Some of the most innovative stuff we have done in the past year has been with ScribbleLive. It has definitely been a win. It is really easy to use, easy to teach people, and we are really happy with it.

Anjali Mullany, social media editor, New York Daily News

As Hurricane Irene headed toward the U.S. east coast, it provided the New York Daily News with the major opportunity to really see ScribbleLive in action. With the newspaper located in the flood zone, it was unclear whether its reporters would be able to work from the newsroom. "What if the storm was really big and we lost power, we couldn't access the CMS or website remotely?", said Anjali Mullany, the Post’s social media editor.

This is where ScribbleLive’s flexibility displayed its stripes. With reporters located around New York City, they were able to contribute a continuous flow of engaging real-time content via mobile displays and computers within their homes and temporary offices. The coverage live chats with readers who started to ask a lot of questions about the damage caused by the storm. The News was able to send reporters to check out different venues, and then report back right away using a mobile device.

"It was a really cool experience," Mullany said. "The next morning, a lot of people had questions about the Bronx Zoo and Rikers. They would call and we would write a mini-post. It was when we really learned by doing and being in the situation about all the different ways we could use ScribbleLive."

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