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Serve up your content in a new and dynamic way by covering real-time news or by live blogging

Features for Individuals

Manage your personal brand by collecting all your various projects and social updates in real time in one central spot on your personal blog.

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  • Expand your content "menu" with real-time coverage and live-blogging
  • An economical way to harness a powerful platform
  • User-friendly, easy and quick to get started
  • Syndication opportunities to expand your brand and content distribution

Features for Individuals

As the leader in real-time content creation and publishing, we let you harness the power of now.

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Using an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry app, SMS or voicemail, contributors can use a mobile device to quickly add new content to real-time news or event coverage.

Live syndication

Leverage your real-time activity and create new revenue sources by sharing your content across your other web properties, partners, social communities or external websites looking for new content sources.

Social media integration

Curate and feature content from Twitter and Facebook, and quickly import content from services such as YouTube and Instagram into your live blog.

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