The Reader Election-Night Liveblog

  • McCormick Place is bone tired from where I'm sitting, which was until recently a riser overlooking a vast swath of the crowd. Obama was declared the winner of the election about an hour ago, and the soulful dance jams have gone nonstop since then. I didn't see much dancing, or a lot of flag waving, as they played. This election was a marathon, but the air in the room has the feel of the exhaustion after a good warm-up run, not the elation that comes after the real thing. So many people were staring vacantly at the massive screens hung from the rafters streaming silent feeds from CNN et. al. But hey, there were still some people grabbing friends and jumping for joy over winning Colorado. A campaign staffer nearby just said, "I'm exhausted. I'm so happy." And the crowd makes a raucous sound like a train screeching to a halt whenever CNN shows them celebrating.

    Me, I'm keeping an eye on the door where I think the President will enter his party from the cold. There's a metal barricade in front of the passage, and a curtain fluttering a bit when the breeze comes in. Nearby stand 12 water coolers that are visited by wave after wave of very thirsty looking supporters of the President.