Live Chat: Random Acts of Kindness

Sometimes disasters bring out the best in people. Has a neighbor brought you food? Did a stranger let you cut in line to get gas? Tell us about it here.

  • Hello everyone! Hope you're all staying cool. The Charleston Daily Mail is working on a story about random acts of kindness during these widespread power outages. Please share your stories!
  • I moved to NC years ago- but have been watching the activity via the internet since the storms began. Old friends are helping each other and their neighbors, opening their homes to anyone who needs help who hear their offers. The sense of community, the sharing of information, the genuine outpouring of help makes me feel a bit homesick.
  • Also- a huge thank you to my mom's neighbors who heard a prowler, contacted the police, saw that the suspect was checking around my mom's yard and had the police check her house too. Thank you to the deputy who came out and let her know what was happening and not dismissing it as a low priority. Shame, shame, SHAME on whoever is prowling (they think for a generator)! If you need help, just ask! Mom has no electric but she and her neighbors would help you however way they can! I hope no one encourages this behavior by buying generators with questionable history of ownership in these difficult times. We're thinking of you all in North Carolina!
  • Thank you Elizabeth. You make a good point about people helping their neighbors keep an eye on their property. This event has brought out the best and worst in people's behavior.
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