Monthly Archives: March 2012

When news sites go down, liveblogs may be the answer

Several major Canadian media outlets suffered technical difficulties yesterday, leading them to deliver news through alternative methods. The difficulties were particularly untimely as the Canadian federal budget was released yesterday, an important story for many Canadians. The Toronto Star started experiencing technical difficulties at around 11:00am yesterday, when their entire website went […]

Apps help newsrooms embrace mobile journalism

The iPhone was born in 2007, and immediately became a useful reporting tool. But it wasn't until Apple released a high-definition video camera in 2010 that it made a real impact on day-to-day newsgathering. Since then, a slew of apps and products have made it a go-to production tool. ScribbleLive's iPhone app allows reporters to create live events, publish them on a site, add text, photos, video […]

Digital Media Summit 2012: Day 1

How is content consumed? How interactive is it becoming? How is the user experience changing? These are the topics discussed at yesterday's Digital Media Summit. The Digital Media Summit -- a social media and interactive marketing conference -- was held here in Toronto this week. I had the pleasure of attending the first day of the two-day conference, which included speakers from ComScore, CEA,[…]

J-School Spotlight:The Golden Gate Xpress

While ScribbleLive is useful in covering a large variety of events, it truly shines when used to cover rallies and protests. By having multiple reporters in the field reporting in with various types of media, a liveblog can quickly bring readers into the event. Take the Golden Gate Xpress, a student paper for San Francisco State University that uses a donated ScribbleLive account. At the beginni[…]

Mobile apps outrank search engines, social media as traffic driver: study

Watch out, Google. Apps and news sites have overtaken search engines as the first place readers look for news. In other words: if you don't have a mobile app, your readers will look elsewhere for news. According to a new study from Pew Research, search engines rank at number two, followed closely by aggregation apps such as Flipboard. It also found that social media sites such as Facebook or Twit[…]

How to cover a high-profile murder trial in real time

How do you cover a high-profile trial of a man accused of abducting, raping and murdering an eight-year-old girl? This week, journalists are bunkered down in a London, Ontario courtroom to cover the trial of Michael Rafferty, who has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder, sexual assault causing bodily harm and abduction of a kid named Tori Stafford. His former girlfriend has already pleade[…]

Using liveblogs to document Fashion Week

Each morning on the way to work I walk through David Pecuat Square, which has been invaded by Fashion Week Toronto’s white tents this week. I am a pretty avid follower of Fashion weeks, although I do tend to neglect the Canadian ones. Nonetheless, the latest Fashion weeks in New York, Milan, and London are still fresh in my mind and my new job and consequently exposure to ScribbleLive has got m[…]

Liveblogs redefine how to cover breaking news

Developing a digital strategy among the ever-growing crop of smartphones, tablets and social platforms is no easy task. In an article for Ad Age, Steve Rubel investigates the challenges faced by media companies as try to find their place among their digital audience. He found that most newsrooms are focussing their energy and dollars on the most established platforms, although some aren't afra[…]

WTAE covers Western Psych shooting in real time

When a gunman started shooting people at a Pittsburgh hospital on Thursday, local Hearst station WTAE was the only news company to run a liveblog as the event unfolded. As result, their liveblog readership quickly jumped into the thousands as the world tuned in to see what was happening. Editors and reporters worked together to keep the liveblog up-to-the-minute, making sure to tell readers what t[…]

J-School Spotlight: The Ryersonian

For journalism students, being up-to-date with the latest reporting technologies can be a huge factor in getting a job in an extremely competitive field. As new methods of covering the news emerge, schools are adapting their curriculum to keep students cutting-edge. Ryerson University in Toronto uses a donated ScribbleLive account. Fourth-year journalism students running the Ryersonian stude[…]