Monthly Archives: December 2011

UK media liveblog public sector strike

In a post for Online Journalism Blog, Paul Bradshaw examines the UK public sector strike and the role liveblogs play in news coverage. He points to several ScribbleLive client liveblogs covering the strike, including The Independent (pictured) and Sky News. Bradshaw writes: "The [liveblog] format has become so dominant so quickly because it satisfies both editorial and commercial demands: liveb[…]

Profile of ScribbleLive: “Breaking a story with the speed of social media”

Today's Globe and Mail chronicles the rise of Scribble Technologies Inc. and its liveblog platform ScribbleLive, from its bootstrap days to its recent $4-million round of financing. The article, titled "Breaking a story with the speed of social media" notes that Scribble arrived on the scene at a time when news organizations are forced to compete with the immediacy of social media. The Globe[…]