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No 3G? No WiFi? No problem: Liveblogging TEDx Toronto

“Livebloggers have to sit in the back.” The official decree -- a condition of covering the TEDx Toronto conference in real time -- was stamped into guidelines, announced over loudspeakers and whispered by volunteers in bright red shirts.  The back? I don’t think so. This is TED, producer of the oh-so-sharable video talks I’ve been watching for years -- only this time I was determine[…]

Toronto Star liveblog makes front page

A pair of intrepid City Hall reporters from the Toronto Star covered a 20-hour city budget meeting in real time — a feat that earned them front page, above-the-fold coverage in the paper the next day. First of all, it was an important story: the city's councillors would be deciding the fate of countless services, everything from a Christmas fund for needy children to the city zoo to the necessit[…]

Liveblogging the Emmys

Did you miss the Emmys last night? ScribbleLive clients Mashable, The Globe and Mail, NPR and liveblogged the awards show — pointing out the funny bits, listing award winners and dissecting celebrity outfits — so you didn't have to sit through the whole thing.            […]

ScribbleLive’s new live polling feature in action

The Toronto Star choose to cover a controversial story -- municipal budget cuts and public transit wait times -- with a traditional-style article topped off with a LivePoll. The poll told readers what the city was suggesting (cramming more people onto over-packed streetcars) and offered up a few other choices, asking readers to weigh in. Once a reader votes, she gets to see the results so far, ign[…]

How three ScribbleLive clients shared their 9/11 coverage

How do you cover an event from across the ocean? Three ScribbleLive clients took a collaborative approach to their 9/11 anniversary coverage in order to share resources and reach a larger audience. To do this, they used a ScribbleLive tool called LiveSyndication. It works much like a traditional newswire-newspaper relationship, except in real time: a media outlet can syndicate a liveblog to anoth[…]

New version of ScribbleLive’s BlackBerry App now available

Here at ScribbleLive, we know that news happens outside of the newsroom. We want to equip reporters with the tools they need to report, in real time, directly from the field. That’s why, on the tails of our new iPhone app, we’re releasing a 1.87 version of our BlackBerry app. Here’s a look at what’s in the new release: 1. Video upload. Reporters can now record video  from the app and po[…]

Behind the scenes at Reuters: Making news through social media

Ever want a sneak peak behind the scenes of a news giant? Reuters’ social media editor Anthony DeRosa made a short video explaining how the news agency uses “a variety of social tools to monitor, verify and report news.” The tools he uses most often: Tweetdeck, Storyful, Storify and, of course, ScribbleLive. Watch the video here. Here’s DeRosa on Reuters' liveblogs: “If you want to se[…]

ScribbleLive and clients are finalists in Online News Association Awards

Live breaking news coverage by some of ScribbleLive’s clients will hit the spotlight this fall at the 2011 Online News Association Awards. Al Jazeera English, Global TV News, NPR, WESH and The Vancouver Sun are all finalists for their live ScribbleLive coverage. ScribbleLive itself is a finalist for Technical Innovation in the Service of Digital Journalism, along with Flipboard, Power to the Pe[…]

Introducing: LivePolls!

You asked for it, and ScribbleLive obliged. Livebloggers can now publish polls that readers can vote on. LivePolls offer a convenient way to solicit feedback and opinions from readers – they’re a lot easier to manage than a focus group and you don’t have to bribe respondents with pizza. Want to know how your readers plan to vote in an upcoming election? Create a poll. Best movie of the year[…]