Monthly Archives: July 2011

LiveArticle in action

We've just released our newest feature -- LiveArticle -- and a couple of newsrooms immediately tested it out. Yesterday The Province used LiveArticle to cover a meeting of the Vancouver Police Department, which had gathered to discuss the hockey riots. A reporter on the scene tweeted updates and candid photos, while a photographer provided some excellent shots of the whole crew. Meanwhile, back […]

Introducing ScribbleLive’s newest feature: LiveArticle

For many newsrooms, liveblogging has become the defacto method of reporting from the field. Most still follow-up their live coverage with traditional, pyramid-style articles. But what if, instead of writing a post-event wrapup, you write it during the event, and let your audience in on it? Enter the next incarnation of live coverage: LiveArticle. ScribbleLive’s LiveArticle allows journalists to[…]

How publishers can make money from social media

Digital revenue is the publisher's holy grail. It hasn't yet replaced print revenue, but more and more newsrooms are finding ways to make money online. An article by looks at media companies using social media as an alternative revenue source. Newsrooms are definitely getting creative, using tools like ScribbleLive. Here's some of the tips they unearthed: Quintessential men's mag[…]

South Sudan liveblogs its own birth

Last week, the world welcomed a new country with the creation of nation state South Sudan, which gained independence and separated from the north., the official website of the Government of South Sudan, liveblogged the birth of the new nation. The liveblog included information about delegates, snippets from the newly inaugurated president's speech, and a play-by-play of the ceremony. T[…]

Covering the Tour de France in real time

The Tour de France is a multi-day, cross-country event that features a mob of brightly coloured, spandex-clad men cycling over cobblestone, farmer's fields and thousands of onlookers as they race to the finish. Covering the unwieldy, unpredictable event comes with its own set of challenges, which The Score tackled with gusto. The sports site choose to cover the multi-day event with daily liveblogs[…]