Monthly Archives: June 2011

WESH covers a high-profile trial by building its own app

When NBC affiliate WESH-TV set out to cover the high-profile trial of a woman accused of murdering her toddler, it did so with full force. “There’s a huge amount of local interest and a huge amount of national interest [in the Casey Anthony trial]. For us, we want to be the go-to source for information on the trial,” Gabe Travers, digital media manager for, told Nieman Journalism La[…]

Introducing: ScribbleLive iPhone app Version 1.5

Reporting on the go just got a bit easier with the newest edition of ScribbleLive’s iPhone app. We’ve streamlined Version 1.0 to become exclusively a tool for creators and moderators of content. The app still allows users to create and edit events, moderate reader comments and provide text, photo, video and audio updates directly from their iPhone. In the new version, any photos, video or audi[…]

Three ways to liveblog the NHL draft

As Vancouver cleaned up the last bits of mess from the Stanley Cup Finals, the hockey world turned its focus to next year’s series: The NHL draft. A lot of ScribbleLive’s clients liveblogged the draft -- Here’s a look at three of who took a slightly different approach: The Calgary Flames offered readers behind-the-scenes videos with the team’s Special Assistant to the GM Craig Conroy an[…]

A riot just broke out. Now what?

When the Canucks lost the cup, reporters covering the game found themselves in the middle of a riot. Dana Lacey tells us how two Vancouver newsrooms, The Province and Global TV BC, pushed information out to readers, in real time, despite tear gas, press-targeted violence and countless dead batteries. (This article was originally published by J-Source) The main difference between the ’94 Canuck[…]

Liveblog from the frontlines

Last week, Global News made internet history by becoming the first news organization to liveblog from the frontlines of a war.  The coverage comes on the eve of Canada's pullout from Afghanistan. Canadian journalism news site wrote about the liveblog, which was powered by ScribbleLive and included a live chat with Capt. Braden Greaves, who is from Alberta and on his first tour in A[…]

Liveblogging open heart surgery: How to put a human face on health care reform

For the past few months, The Guardian has run a blog series focussing on UK health care reform, culminating with an internet first: journalist and labour councillor Rowenna Davis liveblogged a baby girl’s heart surgery, complete with photos. A lot of people have since weighed in, either lauding the coverage or labelling it sensational journalism. Davis has defended her coverage, explaining why[…]

Live: Bruins win Stanley Cup, Vancouver riots

Photo of a Canucks fan by The Province, published in their riot liveblog. Gino Bottero must have hand cramps today. The Score reporter’s play-by-play game 7 coverage reached a clip akin to a radio broadcast -- he was able to provide several updates a minute when the game really heated up. He kept the current score pinned to the top, and switched it out each time there was a goal (four times in […]

New feature: a better way to edit posts

Editing liveblog posts just got a whole lot easier. Click on a post, and your text will pop up in a box underneath. That way you can easily edit the post while content continues to slide into the liveblog, without losing your spot. You can see the original post as you edit, so if you make a mistake in the editing process you won’t lose the content. You can now also edit all reporter posts, reade[…]

And the winner is…

Ah, the National Magazine Awards. It’s a fancy dress, slider-saturated evening that celebrates the best of Canadian magazine journalism. It’s also a great night to catch up on all the industry gossip (and perhaps create some of your own). I’ve been going to the NMA every year since my intern days at Financial Post Magazine, and this time ’round I live-blogged for J-Source using the Scribbl[…]