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The New York Times Online covers ScribbleLive

I love seeing The pick-up our story from VentureBeat this week! As readers seem to expect more and more live news coverage, a Toronto startup called ScribbleLive has been developing a fast, collaborative way for news organizations to keep up. Co-founder and chief executive Michael De Monte said the latest version of the service, which launched today, lays the groundwork for what he[…]

GigaOM: ScribbleLive: Cloud-Hosted Live-Blogging

ScribbleLive, which is based in Toronto, recently launched the next generation of its content-management tools, which add a number of different ways of getting content into the live blog or news discussion. In addition to pulling in Twitter accounts or keywords automatically (which can be filtered to include or exclude specific phrases), the software also allows reporters to contribute their comm[…]

TechVibes: ScribbleLive gives journalists flexibility when it comes to writing a story

ScribbleLive is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows journalists to rapidly share content in real time via story-specific HTML web pages. Because journalists can upload content to story pages and add to a developing story at the push of a button, ScribbleLive makes breaking story coverage more interactive and timelier. Text, audio, video, pictures, and even story comments can all be quic[…]

It’s 6:57pm: Nuit Blanche officially takes over the streets of Toronto

Visit us on the official Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Share Your Night website, in the Night Navigator mobile app for iPhone, Android or Blackberry, or at any of the Info Centers around the city. Or follow along with the National Post as their reporters descend on the city. Basically, it might be scary how many places you'll see us tonight ;) See you on the streets! (Photo by perrralta)[…]

Get some sleep tonight, Nuit Blanche is tomorrow!

Tomorrow night kicks off Toronto’s fifth year of the Scotiabank Nuit Blanche contemporary art event. If you’re not from the city, artists do massive art installations all across the city all throughout the night. Last year over 100,000 people took part, and it looks like this year will be another huge event. ScribbleLive will be powering the complete Share Your Night experience. If you twee[…]