Monthly Archives: September 2010

VentureBeat: ScribbleLive plans to reinvent the news article

As readers seem to expect more and more live news coverage, a Toronto startup called ScribbleLive has been developing a fast, collaborative way for news organizations to keep up. Cofounder and chief executive Michael De Monte said the latest version of the service, which launched today, lays the groundwork for what he’s hoping will be a new kind of news article. Full Article[…]

ScribbleLive: Changing the game of live blogging

The Next Web had a great article today about how news organizations used ScribbleLive to cover the G20 and some of our new features. Our mobile features (apps, voicemail, SMS) are real game-changers when it comes to how reporters can report the news in real-time. The reason that we’re talking about ScribbleLive today is two-fold. First off, it’s an impressive platform. It truly does what no […]

We sit down with Silicon Valley Watcher, Tom Foremski

We met this week with Tom Foremski from Silicon Valley Watcher. He took some great notes from the meeting he's published on his blog. The company offers a very interesting media technology called ScribbleLive, which is a real-time newsroom allowing publishers to rapidly organize and publish text, audio, and video content as it happens. Several large media companies are using it, such as Thomson[…]

ScribbleLive Moves Journalism into the Social Media Era

Platform Enables Dynamic, Collaborative Coverage of Developing News Events TORONTO, Sept. 30 /CNW/ - ScribbleLive today launched the latest version of its live content management system (CMS) to help journalists spread news in real time. Social media services deliver information at a rapid pace. ScribbleLive enables media companies to harness the immediacy of these technologies while maintaining t[…]

Live Journalism 101: Driving Audience in the Age of Web Now

Spend Your Time Where Your Audience Is It may seem obvious, but when you’re scrambling to report on breaking news, it is easy to forget about your audience. In the age of Facebook and Twitter where you make a post, and your number of followers has a bunch of zeroes at the end, it really feels like when you say something, people listen. Of course, the reality is that everyone thinks that and th[…]

How Greenpeace’s web team told the story of an oil rig shut-down

Because It’s Good has a great article on how Greenpeace covered their recent shut-down of an oil rig. Greenpeace is one of many great charities using ScribbleLive Enterprise to tell their stories and engage their communities. We used a live CMS service called ScribbleLive, which has a voicemail function that allowed people onboard ship to call a number on a satellite phone to record a live acc[…]

SMS Shortcode in Canada for $25/month

Posting content to live events via SMS and voicemail has become an important feature for many of our clients. When they have reporters in the field, we can now send a text-message directly to their phone, and the reporter just has to text-message back their content. It works great, it’s fast, and it’s easy. For our Canadian customers though, although we can provide Canadian voicemail number[…]