Monthly Archives: June 2008

ScribbleLive now has on-the-fly translation

Since we launched ScribbleLive a few weeks ago, we've been excited to see a lot of people from around the world starting to use it. I built the code from the ground-up to support other languages, but we weren't planning on rolling anything out so soon. But because of all the great interest, we decided to launch our first international feature. Now when you are blogging in any language, people fro[…]

WWDC Keynote Liveblog Stats

Yesterday was the first big test of ScribbleLive under load during the WWDC keynote where the iPhone 3G was announced. We burned a lot of hours over the last week getting ready, and I start off with a big thanks to our key service partners. Akamai did their usual stellar job of handling the traffic the event generated, and deflected the vast majority of the traffic off our origin servers. We were[…]

WWDC08 starts today on ScribbleLive

The Apple Worldwide Developer Conference kicks off today. It's our first Apple keynote for ScribbleLive, our new liveblogging site, and we're excited to already see lots of people on there getting their liveblogs ready for the conference. T-3 hours to the Apple Keynote, and our traffic is already climbing. It's great to see bloggers from North America, Italy and Spain starting to login. I hope you[…]

Liveblogging nextMEDIA: “The Future of Digital Content” all this weekend

This weekend, ScribbleLive is on the road attending the nextMEDIA: The Future of Digital Content (NM08) conference in Banff. To mark, the occasion, we rolled out some new features on the event pages. If you check-out the event page for NM08, you'll see a aggregated feed of all the live events and the posts from the conference. It doesn't live-update via Ajax yet but give me a few more hours to pl[…]

Permalinks, Profiles and more Power: ScribbleLive New Features

Tonight we did a rollout of a few new features on ScribbleLive. We've got some other big ones coming this week, but hopefully these tied you over until then :) Event URLs should now look a little cleaner. We dumped the /Thread.aspx?Id=#### format and moved to sexier URLs like All the old URLs should redirect you automatically. If they[…]